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What is Heartwork ?

Heartwork is the 1st International Business Hub in Egypt, designed to afford high levels of luxury and convenience. Heartwork is built around the 4 pillars of happiness, that should exist in every work environment, which revolve around nurturing the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. The concept is derived from the science of happiness offered by DH™ Global, and realized through the architectural discipline of Callison RTKL, the leading global architecture, planning and design firm, in collaboration with DMG’s regional subsidiary, DMA.

why us

Why Mountain View ?

Committed to providing world-class standards and building happy communities, Mountain View developed the 1st happy HQs in Egypt in collaboration with DH and CallisonRTKL. Because we lead by example, we created an environment that makes our employees healthier, happier and more productive. We take pride in leading the commercial real estate industry into a new horizon of innovation, and spreading a culture of workplace positivity to those around us through Heartwork, the happy hub.

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